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Full In-House Lab

Results in 15 minutes on common blood tests

We all want your pet's internal organs and processes to function properly. Basic tests are needed to answer even basic questions. For example, are the kidneys and liver doing their jobs at removing waste from the blood stream? Does your pet have internal parasites?

Laboratory testing gives us a view inside your pet's body in order to assess overall systemic health without the need for invasive and expensive procedures. This is why we maintain an in-house laboratory and regularly test your pet during wellness exams or when we suspect your pet may have a health issue.

Generally, we can have results within 15 minutes for the following tests: Complete blood count, blood chemistry, urinalysis, electrolytes, blood clotting, microscopic examination of blood and urinalysis.

We have a strong association with outside labs for additional diagnostic testing with many results available the next day.

$city Lab Work for Pets