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Puppy and Kitten Care Puppy and Kitten Care

We provide complimentary new pet information packets filled with great information on care and health for puppies and kittens.

There are few things more memorable than bringing a new puppy or kitten into your home. They add energy and fun and are a source of unceasing affection as they bond with you and your family.

New pets also require a little extra attention to ensure they get a good, healthy start at life. This means that comprehensive physical exams at key developmental stages are important, as well as time- and veterinarian-tested advice on housebreaking and training.

During your puppy or kitten's first year, Burlington Veterinary Hospital recommends an initial wellness exam, screening for damaging parasitic infections such as worms or giardia, an initial dental exam, and perhaps a vitamin supplement for good nutritional health. At six months, we recommend spaying or neutering. For our clients with puppies, we also strongly recommend starting medicines to prevent heartworm as well as a microchip lost pet ID as young pets are prone to running off and becoming lost.

We believe it is very important to take a balanced approach to vaccinating kittens and puppies. We spread vaccine visits throughout your pet's first year to ensure his or her immune system adequately responds and recovers from each vaccine challenge.

Your Pet's Vaccinations

Burlington Veterinary Hospital recommends that your pet stays up to date on his or her vaccines.

We periodically research all vaccines to ensure that we have the safest, most effective versions available on the market.

Core vaccines are determined by carefully considering your pet's individual needs as well as guidelines carefully considered by our veterinarians.

Vaccinations are an important and fundamental aspect of your pet's preventive healthcare plan. Diseases that once were relatively common and fatal to pets are now easily preventable. There are also vaccines, such as for Rabies and other zoonotic diseases, that help protect your family from deadly and difficult to treat illnesses.

We tailor our vaccination protocol to the lifestyle of your pet, as well as the diseases your pet is most likely to be exposed to. During your kitten or puppy's first year of life we also spread out the series of vaccines in order not to put too much strain on his or her developing immune system.

We do this in order to provide the best protection from disease as well as to reduce the possibility of your pet having an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

We follow the Massachusetts protocol of 1 and 3-year Rabies and Distemper vaccinations.

Our core vaccinations are:

  • Canine: Distemper and Rabies

Non-core we recommend are:

  • Canine: Leptosperosis, Lyme, kennel cough (Bordatella)
  • Feline (for outdoor cats): Feline leukemia

We also recommend:

  • Feline: Influenza
  • Ferret: Distemper

Exotic Pet Care

Examination at Burlington Veterinary Hospital We have extensive exotic mammal and pocket pet expertise. We see rabbits, ferrets, rodents for both medical and surgical care.

Burlington Veterinary Hospital believes that every pet deserves the opportunity to lead the happiest and healthiest life possible. This is why we offer our clients with pocket pets a range of veterinary wellness services.

Often, the healthcare needs of these animals are unique and require a veterinary practice with the experience and expertise to provide them with the best and most appropriate care possible. In the wild, many of these animals evolved strategies to conceal illness or injuries as a survival technique. These tendencies continue in domestic exotic and pocket pets, which mean their medical problems often go unnoticed.

This is why we strongly recommend regular physical examinations for your exotic pet to check for health problems as well as annual monitoring to stay on top of nutritional and husbandry-related conditions. With regular veterinary medical examinations, two per year is recommended, problems can be diagnosed before they become serious medical conditions.

After acquiring your new exotic or pocket pet, we recommend a complete veterinary examination twice a year. This exam includes a thorough physical examination, nutritional consultation, and disease screening and laboratory testing if necessary.

Your Pet's Grooming

We offer sedated grooming only. This is particularly helpful for a dog or cat that is too frightened to allow grooming and for those pets for which a lack of grooming is becoming a health concern.

Prescription Diets For Your Pet

Some pets have more serious nutritional challenges or chronic conditions that can benefit from a special diet. If we identify an issue in your pet, we will offer advice and provide information about diets that benefit specific medical conditions such as liver disease, bladder and kidney stones, renal failure, food allergies, diabetes and other conditions.

We carry a diverse inventory of prescription foods. If your pet requires a prescription diet we do not carry, please ask to see if we are able to order it for you.