Douglas Meade, DVM


Dr. Douglas Meade is the former owner of Burlington Veterinary Hospital. After graduating with a BA Degree in Philosophy from Ripon College in 1974, he worked as a farmer and dairyman for almost two decades.

"As a farmer I found that animal health care was my favorite aspect of farming," he said. In 1991, Dr. Meade returned to Tufts University, completed his veterinary medical studies, and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 1995.

"I am keenly aware that I am managing the health care of a family member. I am treating animal patients, but I am affecting the well-being of the entire family by doing so," Dr. Meade said. He also cares for young dogs that are in training as guiding eyes for the blind. When the dogs graduate from the program, Dr. Meade receives a picture of them with their new owner. "I am both proud and pleased," he said of his work with these animals. He contributes professional services to several local animal rescue groups and loves introducing children to the veterinary world with group hospital tours.

Dr. Meade has numerous veterinary interests, including preventive medicine, dentistry, senior pet care, and pet behavior therapy. He is a member of the American Animal Hospital Association, the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association.

Even with his busy practice, Dr. Meade still finds time for hobbies and volunteer work. He contributes professional services to several local rescue organizations and gives hospital tours to children's' groups. During his leisure time, Dr. Meade enjoys gardening, biking, fishing and woodworking. Dr Meade and his wife have two grown sons, Jeffrey and Brian, who live in Virginia. They also share their home with a dog named Sunny.

"I started my veterinary training at 39 years old. It is more than a job," said Dr. Meade. "It is an expression of who I am."

Dr. Douglas Meade, DVM